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Discover the highest-quality fishmeal, nutrient-rich fish oil, and premium cereals (corn) at Quaocle Enterprise. Our products are carefully sourced and processed to provide essential nutrition for your livestock and aquaculture needs. With a commitment to excellence, we’re dedicated to supporting your business with the finest ingredients for healthy animals and thriving operations.

What We do At QuaoCle Enterprise


 The business identifies and sources high-quality raw materials, such as fish byproducts and cereals (e.g., corn, rice, etc.), from reliable and sustainable suppliers. This involves establishing relationships with fishermen, fish processing plants, grain farmers and other relevant stakeholders

Quality Control

 At QuaoCle Enterprise, we ensure strict adherence to quality control measures throughout the production process. This includes conducting regular tests and inspections to verify the nutritional content, purity, and absence of contaminants in the fishmeals and cereals.

Packaging and

Once the fishmeal and cereals are processed and quality checked, they are packaged in appropriate containers, such as bags or bulk containers, for transportation and storage.

Supply Chain

 QuaoCle Enterprice manages an efficient supply chain, including logistics, warehousing, and distribution. This involves coordinating transportation, storage, and timely delivery of the products to customers, ensuring they reach their destination in good condition.


 The business builds and maintains strong relationships with customers, such as aquaculture producers, livestock farmers, feed manufacturers, and food processors. It provides support, guidance, and expertise to customers, helping them select the right fishmeal and cereal products that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Our Product


Our fishmeal is derived from the finest seafood sources and expertly processed to maintain its nutrient-rich composition. Packed with high-quality protein and essential nutrients, our fishmeal is a cornerstone for promoting healthy growth and development in your animals. Whether you’re a discerning farmer, feed manufacturer, or part of the aquaculture industry, QuaoCle’s fishmeal ensures a reliable source of top-tier animal nutrition.

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